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Soldiers and Veterans in the Clear Family

The men of the Clear Family have served in the armed forces and fought in every major battle in this country's history. Note: Names preceded by a black dot denote being wounded or killed while serving.

Charles C. Clear Jr.: US Navy seaman, served aboard the destroyer USS Yosemite.
Burton E. Clear: Served in the US Army. Stationed in Germany.
David Fredrick Clear: Enlisted in the Army at the age of 18 on January 27, 1945. He was at Okinawa, and later Yokahamo, Japan. Following his tour of duty, David returned home. On April 11, 1949, he re-enlisted in the Army and was sent to Korea. On October 13, 1950, he was a driving a truck, hauling ammo, when his company was ambushed. David was shot in the leg. Following a fierce firefight, he and 12 other men were taken prisoner, and shot in cold blood. Five men survived. David did not. He was 23.  To see a fascinating collection of documents on his life and death, click here .
Richard Lewis Ward: Served in the US Army during WWII. In Germany on November 8, 1944, he was reported Missing in Action, later Killed In Action. His remains were never recovered.
Doyle Raymond Clear: US ARMY World War II.
Dale James Henderson: 2nd Lt. US ARMY 34th Division Infantry, World War II
Ralph E. Clear: Sgt., US ARMY
Charles C. Clear Sr Called into the Army during World War I, he spent nine months at Camp Custer near Battle Creek, Michigan. A medical condition prevented him from serving overseas.
Frederick H. Clear: Served in Company C of the 319th Field Ohio Signal Brigade during WWI.
Charles C. 'Dutch' Clear: Served as a PFC in Company C of the 332nd Ohio Infantry during WW I.
Ezzell Hafstrom: Sgt., US ARMY, World War II
Elihu F. Clear: Enlisted in the Seventh Cavalry as a private in January of 1867. Fought with Custer at the Battle of the Washita. He was a member of 7th Cavalry's L Troop, which was commanded by Lt James Calhoun, Custer's brother-in-law. Elihu was a sharpshooter, and regarded by the officers as one of the best marksmen in the regiment. At the Battle of the Little Bighorn, L Troop was attached to Custer's Battalion, and Elihu was an orderly - either for Lieutenant James Calhoun, or Lieutenant Hare. He was shot and killed by the Indians during Reno's retreat across the Little Bighorn. After the battle, Elihu Clear's body was found at the foot of the bluffs near the Little Bighorn River.
Raymond C. Clear: Enlisted in Company C, 75th Infantry Regiment Ohio on October 19, 1861. Died of disease while serving in Company C, 75th Infantry Regiment Ohio on Dec. 26, 1862. He was 18.
Isaac James Clear: In 1861, enlisted in the 1st Regiment Missouri Volunteer Infantry, being transferred to the 3d regiment, in which he served from 1861 until wounded at Pea Ridge, Missouri, April 7, being discharged on account of disability arising from his wound. He then re-enlisted in the 81st Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry, being discharged at Washington in June, 1865.
Elias Clear: Survived eight battles in the Civil War. Elias was a standard-bearer at Chancellorsville, and at Gettysburg he served in Company C, 75th Ohio Volunteer Infantry. Died July 15, 1863, age 22. Stabbed to death by Philip Relchard, a Southern sympathizer, while home on leave.
James K. Clear: On August 20, 1863 in Union City, Indiana, James enlisted as a private in the 119th Regiment, Company D, 7th Cavalry. He was wounded at the battle of Egypt Station, and was discharged on February 18, 1866. He mustered out in Austin, Texas.
Phillip H. Clear: On August 9, 1862, Phillip H. Clear enlisted in the 69th Indiana Volunteers. At the battle of Port Gibson on May 1, 1863, he received a wound which eventually caused the amputation of one of his lower limbs. He was transferred to the Veterans Reserve Corps on April 4, 1864, and he was discharged July 5, 1865.
Abraham P. Clear: Enlisted May 31, 1863, in Union City, Indiana, and was sworn into service July 7, 1863. Served in the 39th Regiment, Company C, 8th Cavalry. On September 10, 1864 he was killed in a skirmish at Campbellton, GA. Two years later his body was re-interred at Marietta, GA in the National Cemetery.
• Alexander Clear: Enlisted August 24, 1861. Private, 3rd Illinois Cavalry Regiment. Died Oct. 3, 1862.
David H. Clear: Co. B, 1st Indiana Cavalry, CIVIL WAR.
Samuel S. Clear: Enlisted in Company F, 151st Indiana Infantry, rank of Private. Was mustered in on February 2, 1865, and was mustered out in Nashville, Tennessee on September 19, 1865.
William David Clear: Served his country with Company E of the 81st Ohio Infantry during the Civil War. On June 17, 1889, he applied from Ohio for a pension under #710148.
Joel B. Sallee: Enlisted in Company E 76 Regiment, Illinois. Fought during the Civil War. Died of disease on November 22, 1863.
John Jacob Sallee: Civil War Veteran. Kansas regiment.
Daniel Woodbury: Served in the 7th Indiana Calvary during the Civil War.
Richard C. Truitt: Served his country as a soldier during the War with Mexico (1846-1848). Then, on August 28, 1862, Richard enrolled in the Union Army and served 3 years with Company E, 81st Ohio Infantry, before being honorably discharged in Washington on May 29, 1865.
Jacob Hell: Soldier during the American Revolution.
William Sallee: Died in 1863 at the Battle of Chattanooga.