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Arwilda 'Alwildie' Wilhemina Clear
B: 1846 Preble County, Eaton, Ohio
M: March 29, 1866
D: December 16, 1937
Buried: Middle Creek Cemetery, Grover Hill, Ohio
Notes: Three years prior to her marriage in 1866 to Richard C. Truitt, Arwilda Clear married her first husband, John T. McGregor (View Marriage License) on June 25, 1863. Just a few weeks later, on July 15, 1863, McGregor and Elias Clear were stabbed to death outside of a bar in Eaton, Ohio. The killer was Philip Reichard, a southern sympathizer.
More on John T. McGregor: According to a soldiers funeral card he was aged 27 years. "The deceased was a native of Virginia, and had been impressed into the rebel service, from which he escaped over 6 months since." He was stabbed by Philip Reichard, a southern sympathizer, near Eaton on July 15 and died of his wounds the next day. He is buried next to Pvt. Elias Clear of the 75th O.V.I., who was murdered by the same man. Their services were held on the same day, July 17, with a double burial ceremony. 
Richard C. Truitt
B: July 25, 1820
M: March 29, 1866
D: October 17, 1906
Buried: Middle Creek Cemetery, Grover Hill, OH

Notes: Richard Truitt served his country as a soldier during the War with Mexico, which ran from 1846 to 1848. (View Pension Slip) Then, on August 28, 1862, Richard enrolled in the Union Army and served 3 years with Company E, 81st Ohio Infantry, before being honorably discharged in Washington on May 29, 1865. (View Pension Slip)

Richard Truitt anecdote: Fact or Fiction?

The following family story about Richard Truitt and Isaac Clear was often told by their nephews, Oscar Clear and Charles C. Clear Sr. It is impossible to know if the story is true - either as a whole or even in part, or if it is just a tale that grew taller with every re-telling. Whatever the case may be, it is included here just as it appears in the genealogy journal of Julia Clear, Charles C. Clear's daughter:

"During the Civil War, Dick Truitt and Isaac 'Ike' Clear slipped into Confederate Territory and attended a dance for Confederate Officers. Ike wanted to dance with a particular girl, so he broke in on her and the Officer she was dancing with. This started a fight, and it was soon realized that Ike and Dick were not Confederates. During the fight, Ike drew a knife and disemboweled the officer who was dancing with the girl. Dick yelled at Ike "GET OUT OF THERE!" The two jumped over the men coming up the stairs and got away. Wow!"

Children of Arwilda Clear and Richard Truitt:
1. Emma Truitt
B: 1865
D: 1951
Spouse: Jacob Dorman
Buried: Mellinger Cemetery, Ohio
2. David Truitt
B: March 1867
M: December 12, 1838 Preble County, OH
D: April 15, 1881
3. Lydia Truitt
B: November 24, 1868 Paulding, Ohio
M:November 6, 1891
D: March 16, 1952 Paulding County, Ohio
Spouse: Alva Boner
4. Dora Truitt
B: January 6, 1871
D: 1933
Spouse: Mary A. ________
5. Lafayette Truitt
B: February 6, 1873
D: May 30, 1900
6. Richard C. Truitt, Jr.
B: September 1, 1876
D: September 30, 1964
Spouse: Josephine A. __________
7. Carey Truitt
B: October 12, 1878
Spouse: Henry ____________
8. Cora Truitt
9. Amy Truitt*
B: October 6, 1881, Paulding County, OH
D: June 11, 1969
Sps: William F. Morton; Thomas Leonard
Buried: Middle Creek Cemetery, Ohio
10. Lillian Truitt
B: 1910
D: 1994
Spouse: Al Boner
Buried: St. Mary Cemetery, Tiffin, Ohio
11. Sylvia Truitt
12. George Truitt
*Obituary for 9th child Amy Truitt:

Grover Hill News: She died June 11, 1969. Age 87 years, 8 months, and 5 days. She is survived by a sister-in-law, Mrs. Jesse Truitt of the Riverside nursing home in Defiance, several nephews and nieces, and many other relatives and friends.

She was preceded in death by her husbands, her parents, and eleven brothers and sisters. Dora Truitt, David Truitt, George Truitt, Richard Truitt, Carey Truitt, Lillian Boner, Emma Dorman, Cora Truitt, Lydia Truitt, Sylvia Truitt, and Lafayette Truitt. She was born October 6, 1881 in Latty Townshipo of Paulding County, Ohio; One of twelve children born to Richard and Awilda Truitt.