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This page is a directory, and it will help you navigate your way through the site. Following is one branch of the Clear family tree. Featuring five generations of Clear men, and spanning nearly 200 years, here you will find links to pages for both the parents and their children. Pages for grandchildren and great-grandchildren may be accessed within the links.
B: April 14, 1820 in Preble County, Eaton, Ohio
M: December 12, 1838 to Amy Kay Anna Jones
D: March 14, 1883 Grover Hill, Paulding, Ohio
Buried: Middle Creek Cemetery, Grover Hill, OH
10 Children: Isaac James Clear; Sara Clear; Raymond Clarence Clear; Arwilda Wilhelmina Clear; Lavina Caroline Clear; John J. Clear; Joseph Joel Clear; Clementine Clear; William Henry Clear; Eliza Clear
B: March 16, 1860 Eaton, Ohio
M: January 13, 1881 to Emeline Medora Stillwell
D: March 12, 1938 Mackinaw City, Michigan
Buried: Bliss Township Cemetery, Michigan
B: February 5, 1893 Grover Hill, Ohio
M: February 8, 1919 to Fern irene Place
D: March 6, 1972 Saginaw, Michigan
Burial: Cook Cemetery, Taymouth, Michigan
B: October 23 Carp Lake, MI
M: 1953 to Dolores Imondi
B: September