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The Paper Trail of a Soldier's Life and Death

Following is a fascinating collection of documents that detail the slow unfolding of a tragedy - a young soldier's life lost in the service to his country. The records begin when David Clear mustered out of the Army after service in World War II, and continues with his re-enlistment just before the onset of war in Korea. The letters, notes, and telegrams that were sent to his parents show his initial status as missing, then killed in action, followed by the need to identify the remains, ship the body home, and find an appropriate resting place.

The documents are arranged in chronological order so that you can read them just as the family did, with the same sense of uncertainty, grief, and resignation of an unalterable fate. This story, as tragic as it is, is just one of many. There were 37,000 other US combat deaths in Korea between 1950-1953.
Lt. Col. Keith Macksoud,
Post Cmdr. Lance Andrews
Charles Clear,
Post Cmdr. Lance Andrews
Windy Randall
The Troops get ready to roll.
Buddy Good
Chaplain James Bethel
Joyce Bethel
Lance Andrews
R.I. Atty Gen Patrick Lynch
Larry Goucher & James Bethel
Rep. Mary Ann Smith
Rolling out...
Troops on the move.
The Parade begins!
Serving with pride!
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