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Welcome to the Clear Family!

Here you will find names and dates and other information about your Clear ancestors and relatives, plus photographs, birth certificates, marriage licenses, and census records, as well as first hand accounts written by Clears describing their memories of people, places, and events.

While there is already a treasure trove of information to be found on this site, this website will always be a work in progress, and we need your help! If you have information, photo's, or documents about the Clear Family that you would like to share and have posted on this site, please Contact us!

Soldiers & Veterans: The men of the Clear Family have fought in every major battle in this country's history - from the Revolution to the Civil War, to the Little Big Horn and beyond. Some paid the ultimate price; others were grievously wounded; while others returned home safely to start their lives anew. Their lives, ripped from the pages of American history, remain a testament to courage and sacrifice. Take a look at their life stories.
What you need to know: Our last name wasn't always 'Clear'. It used to be 'Hell'. In the early 1800's, one by one members of our family changed their last name from 'Hell' to 'Clear', and understandably so. The new name was chosen because in German - our country of origin - 'Hell' means 'Clear' or 'Bright'. The 'Hell Family' link in the navigation bar chronicles our Hell ancestors from their arrival in America up to the early 1800's. The 'Clear Family' link starts with David Clear, who is credited with starting the movement to change the family name. Keep in mind, however, that this name-change can be a source of confusion for many genealogists. The name-change was not abrupt, and for a period of time many of the individuals involved used both names interchangeably. For example, many of Jacob Hell's children began using the last name 'Clear' in their daily lives, but used the name 'Hell' in legal documents such as land transactions.