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Burton Eldred Clear
B: July 10 Garden City, Michigan
M: June 27 Grover Hill, Ohio
Notes: Burt and Elaine were married in Grover Hill, Ohio, at the home of Hobart Clear. Rev. Paul Miller, a Methodist minister, officiated over the ceremony. Burton's sister, Julie Clear, recalled the following: "Mom and Dad attended the wedding. Mom baked a cake for them. I cut and frosted it to look like an open book with flowers and ribbons and their names and the date on it....."
Elizabeth Elaine Martin Whitehead
B: November 20 Iowa
M: June 27 Grover Hill, Ohio
Parents: Horace Paul Martin and Alice Amy Bush Martin
Notes: Elizabeth's first husband was Jay Whitehead. They had eight children together. Their oldest, Polly Ann Whitehead, was 19 years old when she was killed in an automobile accident on March 6, 1972 - the very same night that Burton's father, Charles Clear Sr., died.
Children of Burton Eldred Clear and Elizabeth Elaine Martin Whitehead
1. Burton Eldred Clear Jr.
B: October 16, 1969
D: November 11, 1973
Buried: Cook Cemetery, Burt, Michigan
2. Terry Steven Clear
B: June 3, 1971
D: Februaru 22, 1993
Buried: Hazelwood Cemetery, Spring- field, Missouri (View Headstone)