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Jacob Hell, Sr.
B: 1763 Pennsylvania
M: 1788 Pennsylvania
D: 1829 Preble County, Ohio
Buried: Mound Hill Cemetery in Eaton, Ohio
Parents: Johann Michael Hell
Notes: Soldier during the American Revolution. Posted in Boston.
Anna Elizabeth Shallus
B:September 19, 1764 Lower Bermudian, Adams County, Pennsylvania
Children of Jacob Hell Sr. and Anna Elizabeth Shallus
7. Catherine Hell
B: November 29, 1789 Somerset, Penn.
M: November 9, 1816 Preble County, Ohio
D: February 1832 Darke County, Ohio
Spouse: Ann Coble
Children: Samuel; Cornelius; Daniel; John
B: 1799
M: November 6, 1817 Preble County, Ohio
Spouse: Conrad Brown
8. Susanna Hell
B: June 25, 1791 Somerset, Pennsylvania
M: Februray 13, 1812
D: April 18, 1863 Preble County, Ohio
Spouse: Elizabeth Huart
Children: Joel; Isaac; David; Elizabeth
B: January 23, 1803
M: December 12, 1838 Preble County, OH
D: March 14, 1883 Grover Hill, Paulding, OH
Spouse: Samuel Reag
3. Anna Elizabeth Hell
9. Henry Hell
B: December 27, 1792
M: September 20, 1810 Preble County, Ohio
D: Before 1845
Spouse: John Hewitt
B: October 23, 1804
M: March 30, 1826
Spouse: Elizabeth 'Betsy' Pickle
4. Rosina (Rose) Hell
B: September 28, 1794
M: August 11, 1814 Marriage License
D: 1814
Spouse: Simeon Pickle
B: September 29, 1806
M: April 29, 1830 Darke County, Ohio
D: September 25, 1864 Randolph Co., IN
Spouse: Permelia 'Milly' Clapp
Children: Solomon; Zeddock; Elizabeth; Lucinda;
Sarah; Phillip; Achesey; John; James; George
5. Peter Hell
B: 1796
M: May 15, 1822 Marriage License
Spouse: Barbara Mikle
B: 1811?
M: September 18, 1839
Spouse: Jane Stone
Children: Peter; Alex; Elizabeth; Sarah;
William; Nancy; Martha; Daniel; Barbara
6. Christina Hell
12. David Hell
B: January 29, 1798
Spouse: Samuel Crumine

B: About 1808
M: August 23, 1832
Spouse: Elizabeth Hell
In the early days of America, being an immigrant with a last name meaning 'a place of eternal torment' could not have been easy. Our ancestors must have faced constant suspicion and ridicule whenever their names were mentioned. Therefore, almost all of the Hell's listed on this page eventually changed their last name to Clear, for in German the word 'Hell' means 'Clear' or 'Bright'. The first to make the switch was David Clear, son of Jacob hell, who at some point in the 1820's officially changed his name. As more and more Hell's followed suit, there was a period of transition where some were using both names. For example, a person might be married with the last name Clear, but purchase land under the last name Hell. In time, our ancestors grew comfortable with their new last name, and all children being born to them had the last name Clear.