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Charles Clifford Clear III (Cliff Clear)
B: September 1964

Notes: I created and maintain the website. Relatively speaking , pardon the pun , I'm still somewhat new to genealogy. It actually  was my father, Charles C. Clear Jr., and my Aunt, Julie Clear-Coleman that zealously pursued facts about our family tree for the past 50 years. Together they compiled a great deal of information - which is quite an achievement, considering they did it all without computers. I decided to take all of this information and chronicle it on a website,  which I thought would make it easier both to access and process the info - and not just for me, but for every Clear relative...everywhere. 

Join Us! If you have  information or photographs or memories of Clear family members that you would like to share and have posted on the website, then by all means send it to me. I'll post it crediting you as the source, and of course I could include your contact information on each page, if you so desire , so that other Clears  with questions or information could contact you directly. is already the best source of information on the Clear family tree. By working together, we can build a comprehensive database of every Clear relative!

More About Me: I'm the principal Artist and co-owner of The Art of Life, an innovative Arts company, with my partner Bonnie Lee Turner. You may see a brief sampling of our work in our online Portfolio. The address is: