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Front: Blanche, Laura, Jacob, and Earl. Back: Chester, Eva, Daisy, Luella, and Thomas. Circa 1900.
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Laura Adeline Clear
B: December 11, 1858
M: March 23, 1878 Radolph, Indiana
D: June 18, 1908
(Cerebral Heamorrhage)
Buried: June 20, 1908 in New Lisbon cemetary, Union City, Indiana
Jacob Welch
B: December 11, 1853 Randolph County, Indiana
M: March 23, 1878 Radolph, Indiana
D: December 29, 1930 Glendale, California
Parents: William Welch and Elizabeth Whitesell
Children of Laura Adeline Clear and Jacob Welch:
B: September 24, 1888
M: October 15, 1910 Randolph, IN
D: May 26, 1960 Los Angeles, CA
Spouse: Emma Louella Worth
B: October 14, 1878 Union City, Ind.
M: February 10, 1900 Union City, Ohio
D: May 23, 1964 Glendale, California
Spouse: Colonel Andrew Harshman
B: April 18, 1880 in Union City, Indiana
M: April 13, 1900; July 22, 1911
D: August 22, 1973 Pasadena, CA
Sps: Coral Smail; Mary Elizabeth Fields
B: May 4, 1883 Union City, Indiana
M: June 12, 1920 Chicago, Illinois
D: May 27, 1950 Montrose, California
Spouse: Martha Abraham
Buried: Calvary Cemetery, Los Angeles, CA - Lot 603, Sectiion R, Grave 4
B: January 28, 1886 Union City, Indiana
M: March 9, 1905 Randolph County, Indiana
D: May 17, 1969 Monrovia, CA
Spouse: Harry R. Harshman
B: January 28, 1892 Union City, Indiana
M: October 17, 1910 Cook County, Illinois
D: August 9, 1990 Glendale, California
Spouse: Morton Woodbury
7. Daisy Pearl Welch
B: June 30, 1881
D: May 26, 1962 Los Angeles, CA
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