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John Wesley Clear
B: November 8, 1847 Union City, IN
M: February 9, 1871 Darke Co., Ohio (Minister: Rev. McConnel)
D: September 10, 1924 Flint, Michigan
Buried: Tanner Cemetery, Flint, Genesee County, MI September 13, 1924. (View Headstone)

Notes: John Wesley Clear and wife Catherine were baptized into the Old German Baptist Church, in Bond County, May 1878. They were elected to the Ministry in Bond County, August 20, 1879. They were advanced to 2nd. degree of Ministry 1883. They were Ordained to Eldership in Bond Co. or Jasper Co. Ind. June 1891. Following is a sermon John wrote for a local publication called THE VINDICATOR:

A GREAT MISTAKE. 'Woe unto you Scribes, and Parisees, hypocrites! for ye pay tithe of mint and anise and cummin, and have omitted the weightier matters of the law, judgment, mercy and faith:--these ought ye to have done, and not to leave the other undone. Ye blind guides, which strain at a gnat and swallow a camel.'--St. Matthew xxiii: 23-24.'
This scripture has presented itself to me, while pondering over the condition of the religious world: wondering in my mind if it were possible that we are becoming in the same Jewish condition as it was with those scribes and pharasees at that time. We see that they were religious in their way, but when the Savior came, it seems he did not recognize their religion consistently, or having come from God. From the fact they omitted the 'weightier matters', and had not just observed so much as the power of it, but merely enough to be recognized as a member of that unholy body. They observed that part of the law that required no self-denial, and left the rest as nonessential. Now while applying this principle to the popular religion of the day, we see a striking similarity between the two. Gentle reader, do we not see the same thing at this time. We see that they compassed sea and land to make one proselyte. It seems they had to omit every thing that required self-denial, in order to gain great numbers. So it is said in this our day. 'We must suit our religion so the world will accept it.' Why so? Because of this fact. If we don't do as the world, we can't get them to join in with us, now if we will notice closely our text shows us that it would have been better if they had never made any profession. We hear the Savior pronouncing the woes of heaven against them, and besides calls them hypocrites, which surely are the worst charactures in the sight of God. Why was this done? Was it not because they claimed to be the true children of God, and they claimed to have kept the law. When it was plainly to be seen they did not. From this, then comes the result, 'Woe unto you Scribes and Pharasees, hypocrites'. Brethren, sisters and friends, this ought to teach us all a wonderful lesson; that we don't claim to be what we are not, 'Well,' says one, 'can we know when we may lay claims to be the children of God?' We say yes. When ever you observe all that is commanded you contained in the law that Jesus gave us, for he says the 'truth shall make you free indeed;' and he says, 'my word is truth'--through the words of Jesus is the only hope we have of becoming the children of God; just as the Scribes and Pharasees; if they would have observed the whole law, then they would have been the true children of God. Brethren and sisters, let us be careful and observe the whole law of Christ, and not persuade ourselves that some of the Laws of Christ are not intended for us. Jesus in his last great charge to his disciples gave them a work, and told them 'to observe all things whatsoever he had commanded them'. Now gentle reader, how can we expect our conscience to be clear in the sight of God when that great day of final accounts will some, to say that we are the true children of God and should we have left undone a portion of the plain word of God. O, what a pity it would be after our life is spent trying to make proselytes to our faith and Jesus himself will declare that he knows us not, as his children. Depart from me ye cursed into everlasting fire prepared for the devil and his angels. The devil has been a hypocrite from the beginning claiming to be, and to have, what he never was and never possessed. Your well-wishing brother, John W. Clear. Harris, Kansas." - from THE VINDICATOR, Vol. XX, Covington, Ohio, February, 1889, No. 2., page 41 & 42.

Catherine Mary King
B: March 25, 1851 Darke County, Ohio
M: February 9, 1871 Darke Co., Ohio (Minister: Rev. McConnel)
D: September 29, 1939 Darke County, Ohio
Buried: Tanner Cemetery, Flint, Genesee County, MI (View Headstone)
Notes: Catherine passed away at the home of her daughter Nettie Kershner. (Information from Leora A. Wagoner Austin, April 2003.)
Children of John Wesley Clear and Catherine Mary King
1. Maudie Clear
B: February 5, 1872
M: September 5, 1891 Bond County, IL
D: May 21, 1957 Cutler, Indiana
Spouse: Abram W. Laughlin
2. Flora Clear
B: July 7, 1875
M: December 17, 1892 Rensselaer, IN
D: October 29, 1903 Coverty, Michigan
Spouse: Grant Renicker
3. Nettie Bell Clear
B: August 2, 1877 Keysport, IL
M: February 27, 1908
D: February 17, 1971 Darke Co., Ohio
Spouse: Arthur jay Kershner
4. Mary Elizabeth Clear
B: December 17, 1878
M: August 9, 1903
D: September 8, 1961 Lafayette, IN
Spouse: Harrison G. Rule
5. Noah Albert Clear
B: August 8, 1880 Bond County, IL
M: October 15, 1913 (To Myrtle)
D: May 13, 1930 Lakeland, Florida
Spouses: Maude Fields; Myrtle B. Luther
6. Sarah Catherine Clear
B: November 19, 1881
D: September 29, 1882 Keysport, IL
7. John Edward Clear
B: February 14, 1884
Spouse: Anna Hemphill
8. Jesse Lorando Clear
B: September 21, 1886 Girard, IL
M: September 1, 1907; August 31, 1958
D: August 8, 1969 Lakeland, Florida
Sps; Myrtle Viola Burns; Ida Jane Shock
9. Charles Andrew Clear
B: June 28, 1892 Rensselaer, IN
M: April 14, 1917
D: October 17, 1931 Flint, Michigan
Spouse: Ida B. Miller
Buried: Tanner Cemetery, Genesee, MI