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Charles Henry Clear
B: January 21, 1841
M: January 21, 1862 (R.G.D. McKenney, J.P. Officiating)
D: 1919
Buried: Mound Hill Cemetery, Ohio (View Headstone)
Notes: When Charles Henry was young, he was a sawmill 'engineer'; For many years thereafter, he owned and operated the Eaton Steam laundry.
• Charles Henry is said to be buried on the very spot that he was born.
Elzina Brasier
B: August 4, 1842
M: January 21, 1862 (R.G.D. McKenney, J.P. Officiating)
D: January 18, 1913
Buried: Mound Hill Cemetery, Ohio (View Headstone)
Parents: Gideon Brasier and Ann Nancy Fifer

Notes: Gideon Brasier's first wife was Patience Brasier. She died June 18, 1840 - just a little more than a year before Gideon's marriage to Ann. Gideon and Patience had a son, James, who was roughly five years older than Elzina. Aside from her stepbrother, Elzina also had younger siblings: John, Mary, and Noah.

• An account of Gideon Brasier's death, from the Abstracts of the Eaton Democrat, 1886:
"In the death of Gideon Brasier our town has lost another old pioneer citizen. Mr. Brasier was born in Sussex County, Delaware September 6, 1804, and died in Eaton on September 18, 1886, aged 82 years, 12 days.He emigrated from Delaware to this county in about the year 1838 and resided here ever since. He was married three times and raised thirteen children, all of whom he survived except three, Noah Brasier, Mrs. Isaac Monosmith, and Mrs. Henry Clear. For the last nine years of his life he made his home with his son-in-law, Isaac Monosmith, where he died."

Children of Charles Henry Clear and Elzina Brasier
1. Della F. Clear
B: 1864
M: March 21, 1883
D: 1948 See Obituary Below
Spouse: Stephen Coover
B: January 18, 1866 Eaton, Ohio
M: February 22, 1891
D: January 25, 1946
Sps: Emma Struodbeck; Jennie May Parks
3. Ruth Clear
B: August 25, 1870
D: 1920's
Spouse: Al Thompson
B: July 25, 1874
M: July 16, 1896
D: February 15, 1940
Spouse: Myrtle Wright
Obituary: Mrs. Delia Coover, widow of the late Steve Coover, former resident of Eaton, passed away last Thursday at the home of her son, Harry Coover, in Chicago. Mrs. Coover was a sister of Lake Clear, of Eaton, and the late Joseph Clear. Her remains were cremated and the ashes will be brought to Eaton at a later date for interment in Mound Hill Cemetery.